DIY Vegan Bagels with Pumpkin Cream Cheese

There are very very few things I like about the weather getting colder but fall flavors is by far my favorite! All the smells and spice…the pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, cloves, nutmeg. Mmmmmm Sooooo… Continue reading

Baked French Toast

One of my roommate use to live in a shack. A literal shack. It was behind a full size house and was a cozy one room with a loft for the bedroom. The… Continue reading

Chipolte Butternut Squash Burrito Bowls

I really wanted to start this post of by talking as if I was the burrito but my editor (AKA my roommate) highly discouraged me against it so I guess I’ll just talk… Continue reading

Vegan Chicken[less] and Dumpling Stew

Okay Okay Okay. I may be getting ahead of myself with jumping into fall and winter recipes buuuuuuut it’s been rainy and cold for the past week….. so not my fault! Even if… Continue reading

Caprese Breakfast Bake

With generous growing from both my tomato and basil plants this summer, I’ve really embraced caprese style things. Not only is it a perfect combination of colors and texture but it also is… Continue reading

Quick Vegan Pancakes with Simple Strawberry Topping

Vegan baking is different from regular baking in the fact that the end product is denser but much more moist (I know that seems like an odd combination but really the best way… Continue reading

Margherita Pizza

As I’ve mentioned 100 billion times previously, the tomatoes at the farmer’s market right now are spectacular and this is by far one of my favorite pizza recipes (which works out great since… Continue reading

Vegan Chai Latte Cupcakes

Since I haven’t had much time for baking lately (and have been totally neglecting my vegan baking skills) I thought this was much overdue. This is my “go to” cupcake recipe. It has… Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Tempeh

I have this thing for Chinese food. This thing is actually a deep, semi-yearning, lust and I get these longing cravings for it on a regular basis. The problem is I can’t find… Continue reading

Ricotta and Spinach Dumplings

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday (I’m getting super old…Don’t remind me) and I had a big grill out/pot luck gathering in the afternoon… sooooooooooooo expect a huge post with lots of yummy potluck… Continue reading