Meet VV

Short story:
I’m a vegetarian that uses cooking///baking///eating as a creative outlet! In turn, I’ve created VV as an attempt to inspire all of you to get creative in the kitchen with me!

Long story: Vegetarian Ventures is a vegetarian food blog that shares vegetarian and vegan recipes with a twist of adventure and inspiration. I’m a 20-something year old, fresh out of college who lives in the heart (if you’d like to call it something of that kind) of the Midwest. I love to vegan bake, cook with far too many spices, play with my peanut butter lovin’ puppy (Tuko // Taco // Tofu), go on picnics, camp, and take road trip adventures (which draw me to inspirations for recipes like Migas and strawberry shortcake cake balls). I love things like wolves, dream catchers, cacti, and David Bowie so please don’t be alarmed if I throw in a glam rock picture or two. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years which has forced me to learn to cook for myself; however, I am nothing of an expert and am still learning everyday. This blog is here to motivate and push my cooking abilities while hopefully teaching all of you a few tips along the way. I am constantly seeking a healthier (but delicious!) cooking routine so come along and join in the journey with me!

Talk soon,

Shelly (aka VV)

PS If you’d like to get to know me outside of my blog, feel free to shoot me an email at or check VV out on Facebook and Bloglovin.