Moody Monday: Graduation

This Monday is a bit strange for me. It does not really feel like a Monday at all because I have been busy all weekend writing papers and getting ready for my post graudation trip (we are taking Tuco on his first camping trip to Arizona!). Anyways, what is going to get me through the week is knowing that after 4 years of this routine, I will officially be a graduate next weekend. Yikes!

My pictures for the post are a picture of me with friends from each year I have been in school. I usually try to not be so self absorbent (by posting so many pictures of myself) but it was just too much fun to see the changes over the years. I feel like a completey different person than I was four years ago and it’s so strange to imagine that I am about to start a new and different growth period in my life. Anyways, this post was suppose to be fun and to see the evolution over the years (top left is freshman, top right is sophomore, bottom left is junior, and bottom right is this year). Exciting things!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!